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Wavves - Afraid of Heights

Stuart A.
San José, Costa Rica.

Get on the time machine where you will feel like in the 90's being in the 10's of the new millennium,  sick!, I know, 11th dimension, sort of stuff. 

If you like punk music and if you travel to the beach several times (Or if you want to but you can't), you will love this musician and this genre (beach-punk likely? I don't know, genres these days are all mixed up). The album is called "Afraid of Heights", but people who are truly scared to heights should not listen this album because it has wild patterns, this is for young people (and I don't mean by age, I mean by mind), for people who love punk music and for people who love new things.

This album was released on March 26 of this year, and it was a great surprise to me, we are not used to listen this kind of music at this times, Am I right?

Source: Last.fm

Facts about Wavves (Nathan Williams):
- He is a "gringo" from San Diego, California (Of course, there is no better place than California for this great     kind of music)
- First Album: 2008, named Wavves (EP)
- Most famous album: "King of the Beach"
- Another personal recommendation: Life Sux (EP) 2011 http://bit.ly/10yT2PA [youtube link]

The first single of "Afraid of Heights" is called like the album, and i'ts a nice way to get interested in this awesome album. I don't want to spoil the video by describing it, just watch it. 

Full album: http://bit.ly/10yTfCk [youtube link]

That's all folks, pura vida y hasta pronto.  

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